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About Steve Farmiloe

Steve Farmiloe has been a Sales Leader and Business Development professional for over 35 years in the industries of telecommunications, independent insurance brokerages, wholesale distribution, TV/Film post production, manufacturing, and professional services. Using a collaborate management style, he has built sales teams and increased profitable market share. The hallmark of his career has been to help people and organizations perform at a higher level.

Currently, Steve is the Sr. Channel Sales Manager for AppSmart, a master agency that offers a subscription commerce platform that helps sales partners find, buy, and manage technology and SaaS solutions for their clients. Steve took over the South Central states of TX, OK, LA, and AR in January 2021 with no sales partners. At the end of the first year, he was named “Rookie of the Year” of AppSmart for his performance, and the incredible results of the sales partners that were added.

He started the Top Gun Show in January 2019 to give C-level buyers relevant industry information on technology services to help them make informed decisions. The Top Gun Show is the most widely viewed and followed video podcast on LinkedIn in the telecommunications, VAR, and MSP industries.

Our Aim & Mission

The Mission of the Top Gun Show is to bring you new providers, new technologies, and introduce you to the best professionals in the industry, all so you can make informed decisions. Decision makers are constantly bombarded with salespeople. The beauty of the Top Gun Show is that suppliers, vendors, and carriers can get their message directly into the laps of over 30,000 decision makers. Decision makers today like to do their own research. The Top Gun Show video podcast has grown in popularity because it is a trusted source of unbiased information.

What You Will Receive With A One-Month Campaign

A. Storyboarding

I meet with your Executive leadership team and Marketing team about 6 – 8 weeks in advance to create the story, script, and help determine the best individuals from YOUR COMPANY to tell your story.

B. Weekly Top Gun Show Interviews

4 or 5 weekly episodes – (5 to 7 minutes each) – Interview a different key YOUR COMPANY team member or customer during your sponsorship month.

C. LinkedIn Posts of YOUR COMPANY Content

weekly posts (content to be provided) on my LinkedIn profile (blogs, news, etc.).

D. Weekly reposts

Up to 10 repostsof  YOUR COMPANY content on my LinkedIn

E. Top Gun Show Website (

YOUR COMPANY interviews will live in perpetuity on the website ( as of 7/2022).  Your interviews will be able to be viewed by company, by topic, or by highest views.  The new Top Gun Show website will have increased traffic as I promote it to my over 30,00 connections on LinkedIn. Top Gun Show replays of past episodes are some of the most highly viewed episodes.

F. New York City Podcast

All YOUR COMPANY episodes and content are additionally posted on the New York City Podcast national network which receives up to 15,000 views per month.

G. Top Gun Show Signature Coffee Mugs

For your Executive Team – these are good for photos and social media posting.

Who watches the Top Gun Show?

Do you want to know who watches the Top Gun Show?  Here are the demographics…. The leaders in the industry all tune in. It’s where decision makers go to be able to make informed decisions.

Top Engagements Demographic

Chief Executive Office
Channel Sale Manager

Campaign Investment:

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You may view past episodes by typing #topgunshow into the LinkedIn search bar.